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We were born out of the frustration that working in a cubicle meant that fitness, health and well-being had to be placed onto the backburner. That sitting behind a computer screen meant that our fitness passions and aspirations took a nosedive. Frustrated that negative health impacts arose as the the direct result of work commitments. We felt powerless – that there was little choice but to grin and bear these outcomes. But we believe and know that there is a better way, this is the Shirt and Tie Fitness philosophy.

So, regardless of where you’re at on your fitness journey, Shirt and Tie Fitness will assist you to better health through tips, advice, hacks and anecdotes.

Perhaps you’re here because the 9-5 has left you overweight and frustrated and you just want to look better in the mirror and feel better about yourself.

Perhaps you’re here because your energy and performance is suffering both physically and mentally, and that you’re struggling to make it through the day.

Perhaps you’re here because no matter how hard you try you always slip back into bad habits that sabotage your progress.

Perhaps you’re here because you’ve received some bad news from your doctor started to experience some negative health issues.

Whatever the reason you find yourself here, we are going to improve upon your situation.

So what do we propose? You’re going to learn how to apply small changes to your daily routine; these will help you live a better, happier, healthier and more fulfilling life both in and outside of the office. Sure, we’ll cover how you can actually exercise inside the office, and how to prepare quick and easy meals, and other things like that. But we’re also going to fix your mentality, helping to build habits and change a stagnated routine. This will ultimately enhance your performance and results.

The best part of Shirt and Tie Fitness, is that we propose simple, effective and fun strategies. It will not matter your age, fitness status, knowledge, how long you have worked in an office or how demanding and challenging your job is.

A big part of your success will be learning and applying our simple hacks that will save you time and give you the best bang for your buck. We will not regurgitate the same information, tell you to go running, starve yourself or buy expensive products and supplements.  But we will let you find happiness, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment, all of which will make sure you improve with your training.

As Pareto’s Principle goes, 80% of your results will come from 20% of your efforts. You’re going to learn how to make small changes that produce that 20%; how to do basic workouts, and cook wholesome meals all whilst working the 9-5. These small changes will help to fundamentally fuel your day, provide an abundance of energy and positively influence your appearance and mind-set.

Not only that, but you owe it yourself, your family and your boss to be in the best condition possible for optimum performance. We understand the struggles of the daily office; the temptations, the ease of inactivity and stagnation. Look around the office; everybody tries to get in shape and fails many times before finally breaking through. So let us help. If you are willing to educate yourself with the content here, you can achieve results that last for the rest of your life.

So Who Am I?

I too was a frustrated office worker. After I struggled with isolation and depression; which were a direct result from an unfulfilling job and lifestyle in which I felt trapped, I set about to discover ways to improve my situation. I faced it head on; not by moving jobs, not by investing in products or services. I established habits and routines and ways to optimize my working environment. But this wasn’t just exclusive to me; I talked to friends and colleagues and realised this was common and that many were struggling just like I was.

I realised what was missing; I needed to get healthy, not just physically but mentally. After years of struggle, I leveraged small successes, finding ways to manipulate the day.

I know that I can help other office workers in a similar position. I am tired of looking around the office and seeing money wasted on gimmicky products and supplements, seeing unhealthy habits and poor food choices and seeing colleagues discouraged and overweight.

So I set out to change that. In 2016, I purchased the domain shirtandtiefitness.com because I didn’t see anybody helping out people like me: people with desk jobs that love fitness, nutrition, life-hacks, personal development, intellectual stimulation, breaking routines etc. I also know that the majority of office workers need to make healthier choices in their day to day lives.

So my underlying ambition with Shirt and Tie Fitness is to break down the barriers that keep other office workers from reaching their goals and changing their lives for the better. I want to find other dejected office workers, I want to build a community along the way.

Lets get you going, start learning here: Must Read Articles


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