Mind Pump: The Fitness Podcast You Must Subscribe To

Mind Pump

There’s a never ending list of fitness related podcasts for us to choose from and more are being created every single day. Being fitness enthusiasts ourselves, it pains us to say that most of these podcasts discuss topics that are all too common, all too repetitive and are all too amateur in their understanding, vision and scope. Trust me, we’ve listened to too many of them. What there was not, until ever so recently, was a fitness podcast that shattered expectations, challenged dogma and fitness ‘nonsense’ and was presented by hosts in which we could trust and follow with confidence. It is with Mind Pump that on several days of the week, we can expect the highest quality science-supported fitness information, all while being entertained along the way. If we had three words to describe this fitness podcast, then ‘podcast of excellence’ springs to mind. Mind Pump has become a small force to be reckoned with and has upset the fitness applecart; favourably. Stagnant, out-dated and unfounded information is regularly challenged, dispelled and routinely pulled apart – leaving the listener with new and actionable insights. This, is what learning is all about. This is the fitness podcast that has bridged a previously vacant gap. A gap that quite frankly needed filling. It is for this very reason that we suggest you hit subscribe, and fast. This is our unrivaled review.

If the quality of information we subject ourselves to impacts our potential and future results, it follows that we should act proactively and seek the right sources. What are the right sources you may ask? Sources that are relevant, that are topical and that are trusted. But Mind Pump takes these three things and takes them a step further; it is the distinct character and individuality that it brings this podcast to the fore. It is one of many reasons in why we rate this podcast so highly. Lets take a look at their Podcast description in iTunes as a prime (no Mind Pump pun intended) example:

MindPump exposes the RAW TRUTH about health, fitness, nutrition and more… Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews pull back the curtain on the mythology, snake oil and pseudo-science that pervades the fitness industry and present science-backed solutions that result in increased muscular development and performance while simultaneously emphasizing health. No fitness institution or fitness “truth” is safe from their quick wit and over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry.”

It is at this point that we should mention and give further insight into our hosts. What’s interesting is that beyond their clear and active passion for fitness; their holistic approach ensures that the audience will only receive advice that coincides with health improvement, longevity and building the better life. It’s not just about looking better, it’s about feeling better, it’s about performing better. And they practice what they preach, as evident via their frequent Instagram and Social Media Profile posts as can be found through the following: @mindpumpmedia, @mindpumpsal,@mindpumpadam, @mindpumpjustin.

Perhaps the most alluring part to this combination, is their range of expertise and diverse backgrounds. Sal, with his inquisitive scientific-based approach, Adam with his Elite Experience in IFBB Pro Fitness Competitions, and Justin with his Advanced Mobility and Power Expertise. These are the kinds of fields in which we all could benefit from. These are the fields in which there is a lot to learn and ones in which are often ignored or rarely discussed. What we like most about this combination of approaches, is that this interplay gives the podcast a distinct voice – it fuels discussion and forces controversy. And they’re not afraid to challenge one another – their growth mind-sets enable limiting thoughts to be cast into doubt and quite often Sal, Adam or Justin acknowledge this fact on air. They bounce off of each other, and their individuality and likeable nature ensures that we gain insight not just into their recommendations and understandings, but into their personalities and personal beliefs. This makes listening to the podcast not only informative but pleasurable. It’s important that we connect to a podcast in which we listen, and this is a common experience held by the Mind Pump community that follows. This, is all in a fitness field of saturation and mundaneness. It thus a very attractive feature of the show and one in which we see as making them unique in their own right.

We should not forget to mention the Producer, Doug (@mindpumpdoug). A previous client of Sal’s, who has built an impressive physique, he has done an excellent job at capturing and ensuring quality sound; clear, concise and smooth. This is not a podcast of crackles, mis-interuptions and unclear discourse. Having been subscribed since their early days and knowing that Sal, Adam and Justin like to expand on topics, we are sure Doug’s editing skills are on point too!

Beyond the expertise in front of them; Mind Pump regularly entertain notable guests. Some of the most noteworthy being Dr Terry Wahl’s, Ben Greenfield, Dr Mike Ruscio and Paul Chek. Perhaps the best part of this, is that they are not afraid to invite guests on the show that do not fit with their current paradigms. They welcome a range of disciplines and interesting fields to elaborate on their research, their findings and their developments. This makes each individual podcast refreshing with a diverse topic selection and many new takeaways and lessons to be learnt from episode to episode. Often, guests present with an interesting story and include personal anecdotes– particularly in developing or previously ignored areas. This dynamic range of topics stretches from: ancestral eating, movement patterns, gut health, macronutrient manipulation and timing, sleeping behaviours, mental outlook and approach and much much more. Mind Pump, and the guests that they help to elevate to the fore, have shown from their early inception, that they have a unique ability to pull together previously unrelated or correlated areas. They help to highlight that the body is a system that does not work in isolation; all systems are intrinsically tied and can be regulated either favourably or unfavourably.

A further major benefit to each podcast, is that it has been carefully designed has been logistically planned, not just in overall scope but episode by episode. Particularly, each episode has a coherent flow of discussion from start to finish. If we didn’t catch something or we were to mishear a certain piece of information or want to explore further, detailed show notes are available once the show has been aired, and timestamps are included for quick reference. Related Links and People mentioned are also accessible meaning that we can delve deeper into every reference highlighted on each show.

Their discussion is presented in a way that will benefit a variety of experience levels and understandings; neither appearing condescending nor going into too much detail and depth. Any fitness enthusiast, even if brand new to training and not sure where to start, could begin listening from its current episode and learn from the outset. What’s more, you can simply locate an episode from their library of 526 episodes (and counting) and tune in without feeling lost or confused. You could even go back to the very beginning and experience their developmental journey from the outset.

One of our favourite features of the show is that every week they host a “Quah”; an interactive Q&A based on listeners questions raised via a scheduled Instagram post. Here the community rallies to questions previous topics discussed, ask for further explanation and sometimes raise awareness to ignored, missed or undiscussed issues. This gives the podcast an interesting spin and one in which enables the podcast to leverage towards interesting topics and topical issues and concerns. It is in some of the answers to the questions that we can learn valuable tips from the experiences of all three hosts.

And then there’s of course every podcast listener’s major concern – adverts. We are pleased to tell you that the podcast is in no way spammy, nor does it force adverts down our throats at every opportunity. Adverts are relatively sparse for each podcast, taking up only 1-2% of total air time. Many podcasts are guilty of over advertising, and this really spoils the listener’s experience and flow. Thankfully Mind Pump is aware of this and is not one of them. Better yet, when we are subject to adverts, we are greeted with discounts from trusted suppliers and supplement lines.

A final positive we would like to raise of this progressive and energetic show, is that Sal, Adam and Justin are always looking to provide value and to return the favour to its loyal following and audience. Whilst they charge for a number of well-constructed and well-programmed training plans and nutrition guides, they also offer a number of free products such as their current 30 days of coaching programme. This is incredibly valuable with coaching points, videos/audio clips and links to resources all helping to increase our understanding of fitness concepts.

Up until now, we’ve spoken pretty favourably about Mind Pump as a podcast, but we should briefly mention that this podcast is not and cannot be for everyone. For a start, not every podcast could nor should be. Thankfully, not too many people are excluded. The Mind Pump podcast comes with an explicit rating and thus would be unsuitable for a young audience or those who are offended by profanity. Whilst some may read this and view it as a positive, we personally believe the profanity is light-hearted and often adds to the entertainment value of the show. Any comment that falls in this sphere is expressed in a jokingly manner and is never meant to cause offense.

So to conclude this podcast review, there’s a reason why Mind Pump is climbing the podcast charts and there is a reason in why their range of guests continue to improve. They’re gaining an immense following and it is no surprise why. With the frequency of the podcast forever expanding, this is quite simply, a must-subscribe.