Do You Know This Unique Method To Pack Your Bag For More Space?

Do You Know This Unique Method To Pack Your Bag For More Space?

The Simple Way to Packing Your Work and Gym Bag

Pack less, pack only the essentials to fit it all in. This is quite simply, terrible advice. But its the advice we usually receive when we turn to ways to pack more optimally.

As Office Workers by day and Gym Goers by night, (or Gym Goers by morning if that is more in line with your schedule) we know all too well that these two pursuits require a very different set up.

The problem; there’s only so much we can fit in. That is if we want to look respectable and professional, with a well ironed finish to our outfits. What is required to be taken to and from the office for work or training seems endless and is always changing. There is quite frankly, not enough space in our bags.

Charger Leads,
Food or perhaps even Tupperware.

This is a lot of stuff for one bag.

And that is all we want to lug around – one bag. And a well sized and stylish one at that. Anymore and it’s a logistical nightmare, or a recipe to lose one or something inside.

Rucksacks will always be preferable; especially compartmentalized ones:

Pack Rucksack

Rucksacks can be slung over both shoulders and provide the much needed stability. They can be tightened on both of the straps to ensure an upright and correct posture when walking regardless of the bags weight. They help to prevent muscular imbalances in either or both of our arms and unnecessary injuries that a man-bag and satchel can often bring. They help to prevent the dreaded rotator cuff injury which is one that springs to mind.

So without the ability to subtract items, we are left with only one option.

To make the most out of the space that we have, whilst all the while ensuring clothes are not creased, and items are not damaged or altered in some way.

When it comes to packing, there tends to be two camps. The Folders and the Rollers. Aside from being arch enemies and often participating in office turf wars, they set up in two very different ways.

It is highly likely that by nurture and from experience you are a Folder. The propaganda machine has led you down this path; it’s the common way, the way we are taught from a young age.

The Rollers are a relatively new and unknown entity. Their methods are different.

Shirt and Tie Fitness have flirted with their tactics and can confirm that their results are impressive. So much so, that we have moved over to their Dark Side. We are now Rollers, leaving our training and our roots behind. Let us explain why…

The Folders

These are the traditional bunch that use the old-fashioned method. We were once them, until we learnt that this way does not utilize space efficiently.

Folding Method: Items are stacked upon one another in a ‘neat’ pile:

Shoes quite often form the base, followed by a stack of clothes piled on top of one another. What follows is the laptop or any books, kept within this tight cushion, with Tupperware layered on the top. It’s like a Bagged Office Cake.

Pre bag entry, it would look something like this:

pack folded clothes

And when its in the bag, don’t even get me started on the problems here. It’s highly space bearing, it causes clothes to crease, it’s difficult to access items, the base is unsteady, there’s the potential lunch leak all over the packed clothing. It is so highly inefficient that it makes me feel sick. Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised, that’s what happens with too much cake.

I once suffered along these very lines. Attending the gym before work with the right intentions. My bag was packed with my work attire folded. By the time the session was over and I had unpacked and changed, I looked like I was dragged through a hedge backwards. The neat and gently loaded pile the previous evening had disappeared along my commute and travels. And so we were forced into change. Into experimenting with new ways… Enter rolling.

It all begins, when you imagine the space in your bag differently.

The Rollers

There will be no reference to Marijuana here, but we can learn from these high folks. They have got something quite right.

Rolling Method: All Items are neatly rolled tightly before being placed alongside one another. Except of course for your shoes.

pre bag entry, it would look something like:

pack rolled clothes

Look at the difference; the reduction is astounding!

This method is best suited for packing your fitness clothing, so for a lunch or after work training session. This being due to the fabrics that clothing is usually made by. It can be used to pack work attire, so if you wanted to attend the gym before work this method can be utilized.

The idea is to simply get the items into the nooks and crannies of the bag. Space that was previously inaccessible in the Folding Method. Down the sides, upright and aligned.

It’s a method that works really well for three types of bags: Suitcase, Ruffle Bag or a Backpack and is best for casual clothing and synthetic fabrics that do not wrinkle (enter gym clothing)

How to Roll like Marley

The Prep phase, the Rolling, follows 4 basic steps.

The Gym T-Shirt:

1) Place the T-shirt face down on bed
2) Fold both the sleeves in towards the centre,
3) Roll the bottom tightly all the way to the top of the shirt.
4) Smooth as you go from the Hem to the Neckline.

Several rolled shirts can be placed side by side or even placed into a smaller bag. A bag within the work bag if you will. This is ideal if Tupperware or other potential leaking items are packed.

Shorts and Trousers

1) Place the Shorts and/or Trousers face down on bed
2) Fold in half-length wise.
3) Roll from the waist down to the hem.
4) Also smooth as you go and toll rightly.

Items that can wrinkle – i.e. Your Work Shirts

1) Place the ironed shirt face down on a bed
2) Fold both the sleeves in towards the centre.
3) Roll the bottom tightly all the way to the top of the Shirt.
4) Smooth as you go from the hem to the neckline.
5) It would be best then to place the rolled shirt in a plastic (preferably) dry cleaner’s bag. This will help to alleviate any potential wrinkles that may occur.

How Tupac

We are not going to discuss the great hip-hop legend either, but now that we have rolled our clothing we need to pack.

This is quite simple.

Ensure the bag is empty, and place the rolled items of clothing up alongside one another in the bag.

If you have items such as Tupperware or shoes, these would be best suited to be placed at the bottom to avoid spillage and potential wet and smelly clothes.

packing suitcase

So there you have it, a new method to optimize your bag. To alleviate the creases that makes you look all unprofessional and rushed for time (and space!)

Will you like it or will it help you? We are packing the idea that it will but only trial and error will tell.

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