What Is The Purpose Of Life and How To Find Your Purpose

The Simple Yet Effective Guide to Discover Your Purpose

What is your purpose in life? Its an interest, and very important question. Thats what we hope to unravel here. If you are wondering how to find your purpose, read on.

Your career, your life purpose, your happiness; these are essential for you to live the good life. Thankfully, there is a process that can help to leverage all three. That is the goal of this article, and by the end of it, this is what we hope to have achieved. If you are wondering if the office is the place for you, then what is to follow will be of fantastic benefit.

But before we delve deeper, we must understand the importance in doing so. If we do not respect our careers, our life purpose or our happiness, or we put any one of them on back-burner, we will soon know see the fallout. So will those around us.

We will stagnate and stop developing.

Our friends and family will not see or experience our best selves.

Our potential will not be reached and our achievement will be limited.

We can’t be having this.

Do you work in an office or are thinking of working in one?

Do you enjoy your current role and its responsibilities?

Are you thinking enough is enough and it is time for a career change either in or outside of the office?

Shirt and Tie Fitness have pondered these questions too. In fact, they are common questions when one sits back in review of their current situation, their yearly progress and think about their future.

It follows that if we ask what is the purpose of life and if we are looking to optimise our life we must delve deeper into three crucial elements. Our Passions, Skills, and Contributions to the world.


For the most part, a lot of advice to discover your passion, decide what to do with your life, or even find your dream job is unhelpful.  A standard answer is that we should just do what we love. But this is easier said than done. You like to play football, well me too. But the likelihood of either of us doing that to make a living is incredibly slim. I assume if you are reading this you are not a wonder kid talent, the next Lionel Messi or just an aspiring football player. Money is not everything, but we ultimately have bills to pay and a standard of living we need to meet. Finding a way to fund the passion is therefore just part of the work. So it follows that we need more than passion to figure out what we want to do with our lives.


At the same time, there is another recommendation: “find something and go master it”. Whilst a great way to get paid and contribute value, there are skills in which we have that we could not do all the time; because we simply do not like these things. This is where our standard Office Worker falls. Unless you are part of a select few, not many enjoy updating an Excel spreadsheet, data crunching or sending emails. For the majority of Office workers, we just do not like doing these things. We find this work boring. We find this work unfulfilling. But we have found ourselves in our positions because we have a skill for it.  It is due to this skill that we take home a pay check at the end of it.

How To Find Purpose: Merge and Leverage Passion and Skill

What Shirt and Tie Fitness propose would like to propose, is that you need to gain clarity and figure out

What you are good at,

How you can use it to be useful in the world,

and how you can do these things without it draining you.

In a nutshell, the approach is simple:

You need to discover and pinpoint what you LOVE to do, what is important to you, and how you like to spend your time.

You need to be a witness of your life; to see what is evident or being told to you on a day to day basis. To ask yourself who you really are.

You then need to highlight your major skillset; what are you best at in comparison to others. Better at than most people. That’s most obvious to you. What’s amazing to others that you take for granted that you can do effortlessly? Is it writing? This is your natural talent; you could do this in your sleep, it’s a by-product of your very self.

So by now you should have an understanding of your Passions and Skills. To take this forward, you must try to discover how this feeds into demand. What do you have that this world needs. What do you have that other people want? Are you a good counselor, do you have an in-depth knowledge of a certain topic? Perhaps you lead conversations in these areas. Perhaps you research and read the topic in your spare time. Perhaps others rely on you for information in this space.


Passion, Skill, De

Ultimately, you are looking for where these three intersect – this is where you will be interested in your work, of value, and people will pay you.

What Is The Purpose Of Life

You need all three, having only two components; will not get you to where you need. This is explained below.

Passion + Skill = Hobby. Think of playing squash – it is fun and enjoyable, it requires skill. But where is there demand for Squash players? (Except from by Squash clubs looking for customers!) Hobbies are for free time. In the evenings and weekends. It looks like you won’t be getting paid for these things. Unfortunately the world just does not work this way.

Skill + Demand = Menial Work (Day Job). This is where you spend most of your working hours. This is the time you spend in the Office. Your good at it, people want it, but you do not love it, there’s no passion involved. Doing this for too long will lead to frustration and a feeling of emptiness. But there’s a place for this kind of work, it does need to be done.

Passion + Demand = Trend. This is a task that you engage in in which you love. Not particularly good at it, but there’s a demand for it. Think of a new technology that comes into use. At first, whilst you may enjoy adopting it in your daily routine. You have little idea of how it works and how to optimally use it. There’s a lot of excitement, but the possibility to be good at it does not yet exist. It’s too early. For the most part, this will fizzle out over time, unless you learn the skill is learnt and become an expert using the technology.


The Intersection

Now back to the intersection, having outlined that you need Passion, Skill and Demand. Once you have all three in place, you have a choice to make; do you keep on pursuing the hobby, or riding the trend wave? Do you continue to work in the office, understanding that it most likely won’t fulfil your passions but it will fulfil your wallet?

Your purpose, this is the one thing you can do well and doing it every day will be meaningful. (It might not always be fun or it may not occupy all of your time) but this is something that you can do that nobody else can. And the best part is, it’s adding value.

So review the three compartments: notice your passions, your skills. Look for the demand. Try to find where they intersect.

Spend 30-60 mins per day, preferably in the evening, dedicated to this intersection.

Perhaps you learn more about the technology, crafting skill in this space.

But ultimately, look for areas you can pursue; do I love this? Am I good at this? Do people want this? The more you intersect between these three elements the closer you will be to finding purpose, finding fulfilment, finding happiness and finding meaning.

If that sounds like it’s in an Office, then great.

If that sounds like you need to leave the office, I suggest you start looking.

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