Successful Morning Routine: The Morning Habits That Will Help You Thrive

Successful Morning Routine: The Morning Habits That Will Help You Thrive

This is the Morning, not the Evening. ______________________________________________
One of the best ways to set up your day to ensure success is to prioritise your Most Important Task to first thing. This photo was taken en route to the gym to complete a full body workout session. Our fitness and health is our priority so it becomes our focus. The additional benefit is that motivation, energy and work ethic is highest as this pount. Now before a meeting pops up that prevents the training session from taking place in the lunch hour or the boss wants us to stay late; it doesnt matter as much nor impact our results in an unfavourable manner. So get up early and get out there if you are not already. Your results will thank you later!

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The Morning Habits Of The Prosperous Office Worker

What is the reason behind successful people? How do they manage to achieve so much in such little time? How do they start their day? How do they arise fresh, optimistic and go on to achieve their goals day in day out? Its quite simple, they have cultivated incredible morning habits and behaviors. It all starts with their Successful Morning Routine..

The Fit Office Worker is part of this elite. Today is another day that they will go on to achieve great things. They will achieve these both in the work they produce for their boss, but more importantly for them, in their journey towards better fitness and how they look with their clothes off. They will be happier, make better use of their time and feel a sense of accomplishment. They will make progress. Its all about their daily schedule. They are fully aware that habits form behaviors, behaviors form actions and ultimately actions form results. It therefore follows that having a great morning can be planned, managed and most importantly, streamlined.

If you work in an office and do not currently fit the description of ‘fit’, or this is not how you perceive yourself and your morning routine, then this post is just for you. In fact, the recommendations of this post will benefit anyone. The takeaways that can be learnt here can be applied to create a successful morning routine in any industry, in any location, and for people of any age.

What is to follow are some effective, easy to implement quick morning habits and action steps to send you on your way to more vibrant health; all before 9am and whilst working the 9-5 (or longer if that is what life has become – I sympathize I really do). What’s more, the below will not take any extra time, and your performance at work will improve as a direct consequence. Perhaps best of all is that not one recommendation will include ridiculous crash diet suggestions, upside-down workouts, expensive products or empty promises. And how can I be so confident saying this? I live by this mantra myself and since adopting these very principles, I’ve obtained a significant promotion from office intern to office manager and have been projected as the unsung hero of the department at a global award ceremony. Now, bragging aside, we can begin.

But if you want to want a quick Morning Routine Checklist, just scroll to the bottom of the post! (A nice infographic awaits you!)

The term Fit Office Worker will be used throughout. They are simply, from a health and fitness perspective, the ideal office worker with the most optimum habits. They have mastered their morning routine

But what do I mean by this? I am referring specifically to a white-collar warrior that:

  • Has energy for the tasks of the day and performs closest to their potential
  • Has a Positive Mindset
  • Is Intellectually stimulated
  • Maintains or improves their physique, strength, stamina or a combination of the three.

Producing results in the office whilst maintaining a body and mindset to be proud of are not mutually exclusive; working in an office should not put an end to having a great physique or remaining physically and mentally fit. With reduced time at their disposal, an office worker needs to be smart. They need to make the most of the minimal time and effort to obtain the results they deserve can can have. The below is a morning routine, a ritual, that will enable the office worker to start the day in a way that can only lead to success in these areas. In some ways they are shortcuts, but they need to be applied consistently and frequently.

The Fit Office Worker Morning Routine has since been born. It is a revolution to the get up and drag mentality that pervades cities across the globe.

Complete Morning Routine of Successful People

So without further ado, let’s help to get you on your way. It starts by leaving the land of nod…


The Home

 The morning of the Fit Office Worker starts with a spring out of bed.  Falling will not suffice, nor will the alarm clock being snoozed. In order to obtain this goal, the alarm clock should be placed at walking distance from the bed. It should be loud enough to annoy the sleeping beauty into action. The time of this awakening should be in the early hours, several before they will set foot in the office. There are things that need to be done before work can commence.

How you do anything is how you do everything, and as such, the bed is made by the Fit Office Worker as their first and utmost priority. It should be left as one would expect it to be found when first checking into a hotel room. This will install a quick winning mentality into the rising fiend, as an easy victory is obtained shortly after awaking. Moreover, it will provide the daily reminder that the office worker is in control of their life, has personal responsibility and that they need no permission. Upon completion of the task, the Fit Office Worker will make their way to the shower to scrub up for the day, preferably using an all-natural bar of soap without chemicals and endocrine disruptors (more on these harmful substances in a later post) . A clean and refreshed office worker is a sharper and more efficient one.  It is also advised that the water be cold, and the body is immersed fully in this uncomfortable environment. For those who will struggle in such troubling circumstances, the water can be adjusted periodically – 1 minute hot for every 20 seconds cold. Defeating this challenge is important threefold;

1) A great surge of euphoria and alertness will follow; the brain and the mind will become alert and alive

2) Favorable adaptations to the hormonal systems with an increase in brown fat utilization (helps burn away unwanted body fat).

3) A further challenge has been successfully passed.

That’s now 2 wins out of 2, or 100% if you will. The Fit Office Worker is shaping up to be a winner.

After drying down, applying further friendly cosmetic products to the body, the clothes will be applied. These will have been pre-selected the night before to take away any opportunity for thinking and to prevent “decision fatigue”. Saving brain juice, this system will retain the decision making energy for more important tasks later in the day, such as impressing the boss (for the kiss-arses out there; I joke, we all need to toe the line). If we need to look to others for proof, look no further than ( now former) President Barack Obama. President Obama is renowned for always wears the same thing. This is part of his secret to making the most of his already stretched time:

“You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.” – Barack Obama – Chief of getting important things done.

Now dressed more impressively than the man that brought you ObamaCare and ready for the days action, the Fit Office Worker will make their way downstairs to the kitchen. Here, a single glass of water will be drunk. No more, no less. It is imperative to strike the balance to ensure adequate hydration without the need for urination on the soon-to-commence commute. Alternatively, if one likes an early caffeine hit – a cup of Joe or mug of Tea is also an excellent choice. Depending on one’s method of transport, and hand coordination abilities, this early morning pick me up could even be placed into a flask and taken on the go. But to the Fit Office Worker who wants to shine and does not follow any Intermittent Fasting or low-carb regimen, a pre-blended juice will provide a vitamin and mineral boost at the earliest opportunity. Lemon, Ginger, Kale – these all make great choices and can be pre-blended and stored in the fridge overnight saving even more time. Depending on one’s appetite or preferences, some fruit may be included. Berries of all varieties and citrus will be the most dynamic and appreciated.  Neither heavy on the stomach nor allergenic to most; these nutritional powerhouses pack a punch of electrolytes and anti-oxidants that will further help to optimize the bodies systems. Throw in some sparkling mineral water and all nutritional requirements are pretty much covered for the next few hours, and in a refreshing and delicious fashion.  Shoes – polished (and coats if required) are next applied, and the Fit Office Worker will then set foot out of the house. It is still several hours before they are due to start work. The successful morning routine is shaping up nicely.


The Commute

Often, the commute to and from the office is the most dreaded part of the day. Not in the day of the Fit Office Worker. For this elite class, this is an opportunity to learn, develop and grow intellectually. It is here that they become brain fit. Engaging the brain this early has never been so easy in our world of abundant technology and quick and direct streaming. Whilst reading self-development books are a great choice, listening to Podcasts and Audio books offer the opportunity to learn on the go; in between stations, during any car and bus journeys, during bike rides and even walking. An additional perk of a podcast is that a topic, or change, can be decided depending on the mood of the morning. Feeling a little down and require a pick-me-up; they tune into a comedy. They want to learn more about the developments in the field of nutrition – there are plenty of podcasts for that too. The commute therefore can become not only enjoyable but useful for the Fit Office Worker. This should not be a time to read work or personal emails nor to concern about the day’s tasks. Definately do not playgames. The Fit Office worker understands the need to be proactive and not reactive, and email is a surefire way to set out in the later of the two.

The commute will have no time for distraction in this morning routine.  There is no time for nonsense, pointless comparison with friends and randoms on Facebook or Instagram, or research on Drake spending vast amounts of money on Taylor Swift’s cats. The Fit Office worker controls their commute before it controls them.  There is no place for non-progressive activity and wasted time. If the Fit Officer Worker wants to read the paper; they make sure it is on financial research or can assist with work or tasks later in the day. The latest on Donald Trump will not push the Fit Office worker closer to their goals and reading about it should be avoided. Unless of course he gets elected president… (gasps).


The Walk

The commute will also be a time to achieve an early morning workout. This is an ideal time to get out in the sun – to do this the Fit Office Worker should walk as much of the journey as possible. This can be done by either adding a detour or simply getting off a stop early from the mode of transport. An ideal minimum to be achieved in the early morning walk should be in the 5000 step-range or 2.69 miles to be more precise. Most smartphones will have a pedometer included or can be downloaded to assist with this tracking. If the Fit Office Worker likes their tech, a fitness wristband may be applied. With 5,000 done and dusted, the daily morning exercise has enabled the possibility to reach the bare minimum of 10,000 steps. If sitting during the day is also minimized, another strong attribute of the Fit Office Worker, 10,000 will most likely be too low a count and this will be increased appropriately.

Whilst 5,000 steps sounds ambitious at this time of day, it should only take around 30 minutes at a 2-4mph pace. You’d also be surprised how many steps add up getting in and out of cars, on and off trains etc. Upon completion of this task, the Fit Office Worker will have obtained adequate daily morning exercise and more importantly, an opportunity to obtain the required 30 minutes of sunlight for optimal Vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D being a key hormone for health and wellness. Have you ever seen a smiling Inuit?

For the cubicle crusader, obtaining adequate sunlight is an incredibly difficult task, so this forms another quick win due in part to this morning routine. There is increasing scientific evidence pointing to suggest the importance of obtaining sunlight early in the day. Specifically, it resets what is known as the internal natural human clock – or scientifically speaking Circadian Rhythm. For those that do not know, the Circadian Rhythm is how the body works in accordance with the Sun. Simplified when the sun is up we should be active, and when the sun is down we should be sleeping – that is according to how the body likes things. Having this out of whack is often common for the office worker as busy work schedules and social events put a stop to a disciplined schedule. Too often the office worker arises before the Sun comes up and sleep well after the sun goes down. Whilst the office worker can get away with this in the short term, long term it is not an effective strategy for health and wellness. By aligning their Circadian Rhythm, the office worker will be able to acquire deeper sleep. Deeper sleep will mean more restorative and restful sleep, meaning the office worker awakes with more energy and enthusiasm for the day and the cycle continues. The cycle toward becoming the Fit Office Worker.

If the sun has misplaced his hat, or if the climate is cold, rainy or miserable, the Fit Office Worker has two options:

  • Walks anyway
  • Walks anyway (and takes an umbrella)

The benefits, despite disheveled hair, will still apply. This will also need to be fixed at the next opportunity (so a strong comb/brush should always be at hand). If the sun cannot be seen, the Fit Office Worker throws  a Vitamin D supplement into their supplement regimen.

The Fit Office Worker is now primed to face the day and away from the technicalities of the sun, they should soon be at or close to the Office. The building of dreams (sigh).


The Stairs

 Included in the Successful Morning Routine of the Fit Office Worker, is taking the stairs. It is a staple and solidified into the morning habits. It forms part of the daily morning exercise aluded to previously. We all know, hear and read of the dangers of prolonged sitting. Lack of movement causes a host of issues ranging from restricted mobility to an advanced condition known as Lazyitus. The stairs are the Fit Office Workers medicine. They stretch their legs and get the blood pumping. What’s more, the stairs provide more benefit when used frequently throughout the day. Any drink is obtained from upstairs and becomes the reward of the climb. Be careful on the way down that drink is hot! By challenging the stairs early, the habit sticks and becomes second nature. If the cubicle creature really want to challenge themself, they try to beat the lift. On this point, you’ll be surprised at how slow a lift actually is; how many times it stops on its way to the top. Whilst the heard of remaining office workers wait in the lobby, the Fit Office Worker often beats them to the desk. Unfortunately, lifts in large offices do not operate like the Twilight Zone Disneyland Lift and it will not drop to the 1st floor in one clean swoop. The argument thus that stairs take longer is not exactly valid…

So going forward, we have established that all lifts and escalators for the Fit Office Worker be officially out of service. Not technically, that would be dangerous and most likely illegal. Now for the disclaimer, lifts will be used when there is a genuine injury or pain (and the Fit Office Worker acknowledges that any excuses are cheating themselves). Stairs are used at ALL TIMES AVAILABLE.  If they work on the 99th Floor, then they realize they are officially the unluckiest person in the room and that they pulled the short straw in terms of desk location. In all seriousness, the Fit Office Worker builds their stair stamina slowly or climbs as much of the way as possible before reverting back to the lift.

The Office Worker is a curious beast and has investigated the office stringently. They have looked for all flights of stairs that can be used to access their floor to and from the Foyer. The deep burn will run through the legs of the Fit Office Worker often causing discomfort, but at the arrival of their desk, a small leg workout will have been completed. This has placed the Fit Office Worker even closer to their daily-step count minimum of 10,000 and helped to build strengthen the muscles of the leg to boot (I am here all week).

We can now approach what I like to call: The Extra Hour – the Hours of Champions. The real nitty gritty of the Fit Office Worker.


The Extra Hour – Hour of Champions (Most Important Task)


This is an hour of productivity, an hour in which THE key goal of the day is achieved. This really amps it up and ensures the successful morning routine. Let’s call this the Most Important Task (MIT).  This is why the Fit Office Worker gets up early; this is what it has all been leading up to. It is a period of intense focus, a period in which the Fit Office worker has psyched himself up for. This goal takes many forms depending on the individual’s hopes, aspirations and ambitions. A few examples of ways they like to spend this hour and the benefits they receive include:


WorkoutWeight TrainingPhysical
High Intensity Interval TrainingPhysical
Business DevelopmentNetworkingSocial


As you can see, the benefits range across the spectrum, making the Fit Office Worker gain a truly sensational grasp on their day. Taking control and leading with intent. By placing the MIT as first priority, motivation, stamina and energy levels will be at the disposal. The results can only be positive.  Added to the fact that the task is less likely to be parked due to other commitments, the Fit Office Worker ensures that they have completed what needs be done to push their life in the direction that they require. Not to mention the positive mindset that and euphoria that will follow and set up success for the rest of the day. This benefits colleagues and the boss alike.

Office workers too often turn to the excuse that they lack time or are too tired after work to achieve their goals. So let’s take one of the activities and explore it further, let us choose Writing. If one was to write 500 words a day, which takes roughly 30minutes, only looking at working days in 2016:


TimeframeNumber of Working DaysWords Written
October 1 – 312110,500
November 1 – 302211,000
December 1 – 312211,000
Total 2016 Calendar Year Working Days261130,500


130,500 Words – that could be a novel – and a long one at that! (Almost as long as this post). So now imagine if this was applied to Business Development or networking – how many people that could be connected with or met. This very blog in which you have stumbled upon has been my focus, I placed writing this content as my MIT . To reiterate the point, I am writing this exact post at 7:52am. Officially I start at 9am.

So whilst it is true that the second mouse gets the cheese, the lump on offer (stacks of paperwork and unread email) is hardly a vintage Brie. The cheese can wait and for good reason. Besides, there is nothing like an aged and mature cheese.  So we rephrase the question, are you an Eagle or a Mouse?

The Fit Office Worker is the Eagle – the first bird, going about their business with intent, soaring to new heights, eating what they want, when they want and how they want. They are cruising and are in total control. It is no surprise they feast on mice. They are not the average Sky-Rat (cough Pidgeon) and they don’t eat unappetizing worms or waste left by us humans that was dropped or unwanted. The Fit Officer springs forth and smashes their MIT, whatever they view this to be, in true Mike Tyson fashion. They smash that MIT that is glaring them in the face and that they want to knock down. They do the MIT early, before any distractions and requests come from the man in charge or the confused intern pesters them searching for work.

So whilst the others will sleep, hunt mice.


Supplies The Days Fuel

 The Fit Office Worker will then eat in accordance with two principles:

1) Digestibility of food

2) Nutrition available to obtain from food.

In this way, they understand the importance of food as fuel and how food can impact their mood, thought processes and energy levels. By following the two principles, they ensure that their positive morning will continue long into the day. Convenience and processed foods are avoided and simply not even considered.

The Fit Office Worker also understands the importance of their internal hunger signals and bio-feedback. If they have exercised during their MIT they understand the importance of Post Workout Nutrition and will consume an adequate balance of macro/micro nutrients to facilitate recovery.

Food choices are further tailored towards the expected movement patters and behavior of the day, or, towards their goals (fat loss/muscle building etc). The Fit Office Worker understands that the more active they are to be the more energy is to be consumed and vice versa. They eat in accordance to their metabolism, their bodies’ demands and to their intuition. The ultimate aim of the Fit Office Worker will be in finding what foods suit best their physiology and genetic makeup. For some, a higher fat diet will work best. For others, more carbohydrates will be needed. A general rule of thumb is that the more active the Office Worker is, the more carbohydrates they would be advised to consume.

The Fit Office Worker also understands the role that food has on their personality and ability to be social in the office. Just look for the smile on the extreme dieter as a prime example of this. So it must be that no FAD diets or mimics should be deployed if the Fit Office Worker wants to perform at their best. With a brain that requires glucose for optimal functional, a diet too low or nonexistent in carbohydrates (think ketosis) would not be desirable as a long term strategy.

A key weapon in the arsenal of the Fit Office Worker is Coffee. But they drink it only if their body is in a state to handle it and they do not abuse the substance. They are aware of its stimulating properties and the effects it has on their brain, and likelihood of creating a long term dependency. They keep their consumptions in moderation, and observe the effects it has on their system. If sleep or stress levels start to climb, they back down on their consumption or consider adding in NooTropics such as Theanine to negate the stimulation.

A final option to the Fit Office Worker is to simply not eat at all, to employ an Intermittent Fast as it has come to be known. This should only be considered by fittest of Office Workers and in the most robust health. It should also be short, infrequent and tailored. If the Fit Office Worker is to go down this treacherous path, they understand that misuse can lead to burnout, hormonal issues and fatigue. But why would the Fit Office Worker want to forgo eating despite these potential outcomes? It is highlighted in the literature on the subject that there are cognitive enhancing benefits to this practice. By forgoing food, the Fit Office Worker that decides to deploy this tactic will feel as if they have enhanced energy and ability to recruit their deepest of brain cells. Performance, in the short term, is enhanced as the body shifts into an altered hormonal state; the fight or flight response. I’m not going to throw out the cavemen analogy, the one where we were on alert to prevent a predator from gobbling us up or having to run from a ‘lion’. I don’t know how many lions were walking around years ago but I for one don’t believe they have ever occupied the worlds land on mass. I digress and back to the point. The point being that during human evolution we evolved to handle times of under eating and it was in these periods we achieved our MITS (back then it would have been most likely in the obtainment of food).

So it must be emphasized that the perks of this state only come around through the raising of stress hormones (Adrenaline, Cortisol, Norepinephrine). In the short-term their aim is to provide the body with the required energy, but their elevation is highly catabolic and detrimental if they persist in the body for too long.  Fasting, should ultimately be used by the Fit Office Worker infrequently and in accordance to the signs and signals of their body. It adds to a stress bucket that is well monitored to prevent spill over – they are keen to prevent ruining the bosses new shoes.

So the Fit Officer Worker tends to eat, and eats well. They time their breakfast depending on the MIT; and sometime consume it during the MIT (if it doesn’t interfere with their productivity). Sometimes, they eat just before work commences, or if fasting, they consume their breakfast as more of a Brunchy little number. If the Fit Office Worker is cheeky enough they may even consume the breakfast during working hours.

So there it is – the successful morning routine of the Fit Office Worker. The day has barely started and they have simply already won; they’ve achieved what they have needed to achieve, they are mentally and physically ready. Nothing in their day can hold them back now…..until they log into their computer at work and check their email. …


The Ultimate Fit Office Worker Morning Routine Checklist

Successful Morning Routine

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