Tasty Coffee: The Ultimate 2017 Coffee Review of the Best Roasts

tasty coffee

Tasty Coffee. Nothing can quite beat it. Coffee is simply a taste sensation with many proven health benefits. But finding a good source is tricky. Its also incredibly important. Whats more, as Office Workers, we have expectations and we know how we like it. They say the average consumption in cubicles is four warm mugs a day. If these were all purchased at our favourite houses, this can become incredibly expensive as we have all come to learn. But let’s face it, we like it a certain way and instant sachets will not suffice. We have become in many ways, coffee snobs. A certain strength, a certain texture, even a certain aroma is required. But can you blame us – it can make all the difference. Accordingly, the coffee economy is booming; and there are an increasing number of brands popping up on the market; it can be hard to decide which brand to buy.

That’s why at Shirt and Tie Fitness we routinely taste and experiment with the latest, greatest, and even the not-so-great grounded beans on the market. The best for our french press so that we can enjoy more and better tasting beans: cheaper, more conveniently and more delicious! We’ve listed only the best roasts. Those that are well bodied and are not over-roasted. Those that provide a gentle pick me up and not a taste-me-down. So whether you consider yourself a caffeine addict, or a one mug guy or girl, we’ve got you covered.

The following coffee review is therefore listing only the very best roasts, the highest rated we could fine. We have not included a brand that scores lower than 7/10 on the taste test. These top the scoreboard. This is tasty coffee. So, without further ado, here’s a quick guide to getting you the very best roasts worth drinking in 2017:

Tasty Coffee: The Best Roasts For Your Coffee Press

last updated: 09 June 2017.

1) Death Wish, “The World’s Strongest Ground Coffee Beans”
553 grams

The world’s strongest coffee is here; and my it knocked our socks off! Originating from Saratoga Springs New York, Death Wish lives up to its name. It packs double the caffeine content to regular brews. It’s also perfect for drip coffee and espresso, making it versatile and great for a short or longer brew.

The Taste: Powerful and bold, yet smooth and velvety with subtle notes of cherry and chocolate.
Taste Test: 9/10 – we like the punch and strength! Our favourite and our winner. Its the highest rated on the list.

2) Cartwright & Butler Cafe York Blend Coffee
in Caddy Tin, 227 grams

This premium blend of Arabica Beans oozes of luxury and class. It’s the second New York coffee to be listed and we are only at number two on the list! It comes in a finely crafted well-presented signature tin. We found that it stores very well even after being open for several weeks. It also works great and is well received as a gift.

The Taste: Medium Roast flavour with vibrant sweetness, lingering acidity and a nice, clean finish.
Taste Test: 9/10.

3) Cafédirect Fairtrade Machu Picchu Organic Roast & Ground Coffee
227 grams (2 bags!)

Machu Pichu Coffee is just as the name suggests; grown at high altitude deep in the Inca heartlands of the Andes. The Sun-drying preserves the qualities of this coffee, as experienced in its rich taste, which also gives it it extra sweetness and flavour. The Beans are slowly dried, developing their natural characteristics using a hand-crafted process. Award winning for a reason (Gold in the Great Taste Award 2010)

The Taste: Strong, Sumptuously rich and smooth, with Dark Chocolate Overtones
Taste Test: 8/10

4) Spiller & Tait Signature Blend Ground Coffee,
500 grams

This is tasy coffee. Spiller & Tait deliver us with an Espresso blend of premium quality Arabica beans sourced from: Columbia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia and India. The beans are then roasted in the UK in small batches. We noticed this as the bag offered consistent freshness, flavor and aroma. This is the versatile coffee of the bunch; ground specifically to be suitable for French Press, Filter, Percolators, Vacuums and Aero presses’.

The Taste: A rich medium-high roast and full-bodied tasting coffee which is smooth and with only a hint of bitterness. The blend is designed to appeal to a wide range of customer paletes to be consumed at any time of day. Award winning for a reason. (Silver in 2014 Taste of the West Awards)
Taste Test: 8/10

5) Finest Organic and Fairtrade Tunki Coffee Beans & Ground
200 grams

Next on the list; Tunki Coffee. It is for those who like to know the history behind their beans; for those who love the story of its origin It reeks of quality:

The coffee is shade-grown at 1800m in the mountains amongst the flora and fauna of the Tambopata Valleyand. It is then hand roasted by the local indigenous Quechua and ‘ Aymara’ speaking families in small batches to ensure its freshness. We noticed the care that has gone into its creation.

Award winning for a reason (“Best Coffee” at the Speciality Coffee Association Awards)

The Taste: Strong, Clean and Crisp with Zero Bitterness; perfect for those who like it a little more subtle, and for those who are new to drinking this illustrious brew.
Taste Test: 7/10.

6) Valhalla Java Ground Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company,
340 grams

The “Risk-Free” blend ; Valhalla offer a full refund if you don’t like the taste. Put it this way, we didn’t refund it! But we can see why you would; it is not for everyone. Created by our brothers at Death Wish, this blend is also very strong and is suited best to those who follow the less is more approach to coffee drinking. An artisan roast from South America, it provides maximum flavor and caffeine content.

The Taste: The bitter one of the bunch, strong bodied but surprisingly smooth. This is best left to those seasoned drinkers with a high caffeine tolerance.
Taste Test: 7/10, a bit too much for our palate!

7) Ground Colombian Coffee by Crazy Cat,
250 grams

Columbian beans are popular for a reason; it’s rather good. We found this to be one of the best from the region; it has a perfect balance of flavor, aroma, strength & body. This makes it a great all-rounder and would be suitable to be consumed throughout the day.

The Taste: Rich, Creamy, Non-bitter Medium Roast. It has the strength and boldness you want for energy and clarity, yet the creaminess and richness you want to enjoy in a more relaxed setting.
Taste Test: 7/10

8) Aromistico Coffee, Napoli Dark Roast Selection Blend
200 grams

An Italian company has made the list; of course it had to! We opted for their dark roast variety and are extremely pleased with our decision. Its really good ground coffee. The distinguished coffee flavor and its aftertaste are not only determined by the beans and their roast, but also by all the basic surrounding elements like air, temperature, climate and water. Aromistico coffee therefore allows us a taste of Italy unlike the other choices on our list

The Taste: Smoky, Malty and Dark Chocoalte-Like. Rich blend and full-bodied with an intense toasted flavor.
Taste Test: 7/10, we prefer beans that are not so smoky, but this is not to say this isn’t a winner.

So there you have it, the best roasts that we have trialed and tested to keep you sharp and performing at your best. If you like tasty coffee, give them a try and let us know how you get on in the comment sections below

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