Temperature and Pulse Tracking Sheet to Monitor Metabolic Rate

Temperature and Pulse Tracking Sheet to Monitor Metabolic Rate

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Metabolism can be defined quite simply as the sum of all chemical processes that occur in an organism. Essentially this maintains the organism’s life as fuel is converted into chemical energy. This allows cells to perform their biological work. Heat is produced by these cellular metabolic processes so the resting metabolic rate (state of metabolism) can be predicted accurately by the rate of heat production.

A simple way to monitor the intensity of your resting metabolism (i.e. how well you are making energy/heat) is to track the resting oral temperature and pulse rate, upon waking and throughout the day following meals.

We have put together a FREE Temperature and Pulse Tracking Excel spreadsheet that can help you monitor the state of your metabolism. The spreadsheet can be used to track by hour and by day. Whats more, its FREE for all Shirt and Tie Fitness readers (download found below).

By tracking your temperature and pulse, especially throughout the day/week, you can see how certain substances, behaviours and environments alter your hormonal phsyiology and your thyroid functioning and status.

“The combination of pulse rate and temperature is much better than either one alone… By watching the temperature and pulse rate at different times of day, especially before and after meals, it’s possible to separate some of the effects of stress from the thyroid-dependent, relatively “basal” metabolic rate.” – Ray Peat.

For more information on tracking such parameters, and what Temperature and Pulse rate can indicate, look no further than this fantastic resource by Ray Peat.

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